CHORI PLAST has been working on the medical supplies market since 2009 and was initially specialized only in the production of enema syringes and the tips for douching.

From its inception, the company has been aiming for creating import-substituting products and the development history of this perspective can be summarized in several lines:

- In 2014, the enterprise launched production of mustard plaster packages;

- In 2015, the range of products produced by the enterprise enlarged with children's silicone products, namely the different types of pacifiers and teethers;

- In 2016, the production of baby bottles began.

An important aspect of the company's development is the combination of the continuity of the expansion process (from 8 products in 2009 to 25 products in 2016) with a trend towards an increase in the number of clients, the cooperation with whom we highly appreciate.

In our opinion, we are being chosen for the following:

- Affordable prices, which allow not to overpay for brands;

- Quality and characteristics of products, that do not lag behind foreign analogues;

- Flexible and personalized approach to each individual client;

- Good and friendly relations with the staff of the client companies, regardless of their position;

- Timeliness in the delivery of goods and in preparation of the relevant documents.